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Elevate your student's coding experience through Minecraft Education.

Take the first step towards coding confidence! Get your hands on our FREE lessons for Minecraft Education.

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New to Minecraft and coding? No worries! We promise you guaranteed success with our program. If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money*. Dive in with confidence and unlock the world of Minecraft coding effortlessly!

What's Included?

  • Amazing Minecraft World to learn in.

  • Downloadable Certificate

  • Teacher Cheat Sheet with Learning Sequence

  • Knowledge Checks via Microsoft Forms

Complete Packages From $3.00 AUD

Based on a class of 30 when purchasing the print-ready option

1.3 + Million Tutorial Views

Over 8.8K Learners

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It all starts with the cards


Stage 1

Slash Command

Using English as a coding language students use command blocks whilst developing important computational skills. 


Stage 2

Branching & Else Statements

Using English as a coding language, students build visual representations of these concepts through the use of command blocks.


Stage 3

Block Coding

Students transfer their knowledge and use block coding to develop their code.

The coding cards are linked throughout the entire program. To start off you may like to use the unplugged activities made available when you purchase the cards to guide your students through learning about using commands as algorithms.

There are also opportunities for students to include images of different algorithms to visually display their understanding. Encourage your students to think and display their algorithms with the cards before moving into the game. You could also have students use their cards to create algorithms and then challenge other students to test. It is important that students move towards writing the algorithms to the specific context of their game.

From here, students have the required skills to move on to block coding using Microsoft MakeCode design, build, test and play their own gaming scenarios. 

Learn to Code with Commands.jpg

Learn inside the game

We think the best way to learn is by doing. Jump into our Learn to Code with Commands Training World for walk-through tutorials on each trigger and command. Also, explore and finish some pre-designed gaming scenarios before building your own game to share with others. Each section of the world is linked to our lesson plans and provides video tutorial to assist learners. 

Minecraft Coding Cards

Progress with our lessons

We have it all planned out for you. Each command and the triggers come with a guided lesson. Your students will have access to:

  • Scaffold explanations

  • Guided video tutorials

  • An example to follow in the training world

  • Plus an opportunity to show their understanding. 

Like the cards, the lessons are colour-coded to display the difficulty level aligned with literacy and numeracy skills.

Green Beginners


Orange Intermediate


Purple Advanced