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Code Crafter

Code Crafters is an unplugged card game designed to challenge your knowledge of Minecraft. This game leverages slash commands and algorithms in a fun and interactive way. This game is perfect when playing with friends and family. 


For students participating in Code Crafter, teachers can rest assured that students enhance their computational thinking skills and develop a strong foundation in command-based coding.


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How to Play

Players: 2 – 4



Each player is aiming to solve as many Minecraft algorithms as possible. Depending on its colour, each card has a point value. The player with the highest points value wins.


Each coloured card has its own points value.

Minecraft Cards Game
Minecraft Cards Game


Each player starts with eight cards dealt face down. The rest of the cards are placed face-down in a pile, with one card turned over to start the discarded card pile. Remove the ELSE, Repeater and Exact Location card from the pack.

Minecraft Cards Game

Game Play:

The first player is the player to the dealer’s left, with gameplay moving clockwise. A player needs to be holding enough cards to make a complete algorithm. This means they must have any colour IF/ON card followed by a THEN or IF card and its remaining cards to make up the whole algorithm. The THEN or IF statement, also known as a slash command, must be of the same colour but can be a different colour to the IF/ON card. In this game all IF cards must start with an IF/ON card and a player can choose to follow it with a THEN statement. Once a player reveals their algorithm by placing the cards before them, these cards are now out of play and can no longer be used. A player can not reveal an algorithm unless it is their turn. Players repeat this as often as possible until the game ends when all commands are solved as an algorithm. 

Minecraft Cards Game

A player can also choose to follow an IF statement with a THEN statement when holding the correct cards.

Minecraft Cards Game

A player can use the AND card to join two commands together. It must start with an IF/ON card followed by a command, then the AND card and another command. If a player picks up an AND card from the pile, they must wait until their next turn before using it.

Minecraft Cards Game

On a player’s turn, they can ask any other player for a card. If the other player has that card, they must hand it over. The player whose turn it is can continue to ask them for more cards until they no longer have what they are asking for. They must remain asking the same player and cannot switch between the remaining players until their next turn.


Once the opposite player no longer has the card they are asking for, both players must ensure they are holding eight cards. They must pick up or sacrifice cards to ensure a total of eight. If the player ends their turn still holding eight cards, they must pick up a card from the pile and place any card in the discard pile. A player can choose to discard the same card they pick up.


Once all of the pick-up cards are used, the discarded cards are turned over and introduced back into the game as pick-up cards. If there are no remaining pick-up cards, players continue to ask each other for cards.


If a player takes all of another player’s cards, they can choose another player to ask. A player can continue this cycle until they guess incorrectly.


At the end, each player totals their card values with the highest value winning. If there is a tie the player with the more valuable cards wins.

Alternatives: Expansion Pack

Increase the difficulty of the game by including the expansion pack. (blue cards) Remove the ELSE, Repeater, add and [addAmount].

Minecraft Cards Game

Double it

Double the pack by combining two sets of cards. This allows you to increase the number of players up to eight and changes the strategy by introducing two possible cards. Test your knowledge by not using the command combination sheet.