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2024 Online Minecraft Coding Challenge:
Game Design Competition


Welcome to the Minecraft Game Design Competition, where students can showcase their creativity and coding skills by designing and building their own games within Minecraft Education. This competition focuses on utilising Redstone mechanics, command blocks and/or block coding to bring innovative and engaging games to life.

Game Design Theme:

This year's challenge is to design and build a game based on the following themes:

Primary School - An obstacle course that combines speed with the dynamic and agile movements associated with parkour. The game must have a fast-paced nature and emphasise navigating obstacles with swift and precise movements.

Secondary - A journey or quest that progresses through various levels, creating a sense of adventure and accomplishment for players as they advance through the game.

Learning to Code

A series of tabs with resources to share with students are at the top. You can incorporate slash commands (using English as a coding language) or Block Coding. 

Judging Criteria:

Theme Integration
The successful integration of the chosen theme into the game design will be considered.
Gameplay Experience
Dynamic and responsive gameplay elements achieved through both command blocks or block coding. This includes fluid movement, responsive obstacles, and a challenging yet enjoyable experience for players.
Creativity and Originality
The creativity and originality of the game concept, looking for innovative ideas that stand out.
Coding Proficiency
The participants' coding skills, considering the quality and complexity. The effectiveness and efficiency of achieving specific functionalities within the game.
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