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2024 Minecraft Esport Competition

Following the success of the 2023 QLD Minecraft Cup, The FUSE Cup have been working with our Global Minecraft Mentors to offer a wider range of competitions, both live in QLD and online for schools across Australia

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2032 Brisbane Olympic Games:
Online Build Challenge

Design and build an esports facility/arena using Minecraft that could be built and integrated as venue for Esports in the 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games.

Primary School and High School Competitions
Teams of 3-5 students

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Minecraft Game Design:
Online Coding Challenge

Students compete to design and build their own game inside Minecraft Education. Games must include elements of Redstone mechanics and command blocks to bring their games to life. Schools are provided with the Learn to Code with Commands training packs upon registration.

Primary School and High School Competitions
Teams of 3-5 students

Game Design Fuse.png

2024 QLD Minecraft Cup:
LIVE PVP Competitions

Live player vs player competition host in Minecraft Education. Schools compete in groups against other schools for the QLD Minecraft Education Esports Champion title.

Primary School and High School Competitions in 2024
Teams of 5 students + 1 substitute

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